March 11-13, 2021

Expert training on how to hack thoughts, actions, and the people around you. 

The Human Hacking Conference is an all-encompassing training event that teaches business, security, technology, and psychology professionals the latest expert techniques in human deception, body language analysis, cognitive agility, intelligence research, and security best practices.

Over the years, SEVillage events have drawn US national security leaders, Fortune 500 executives and even A-list Hollywood stars. They have also been featured in many leading news outlets, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fusion TV, Computerworld, PC World, CIO Magazine, CSO, SC Magazine and Dark Reading. Once flagged by the FBI and the US banking industry as a potential national security threat, the Human Hacking Conference presents an unprecedented educational experience.

Training from leading experts including behaviorists, former FBI agents, actresses, magicians, mind readers, TEDx speakers, criminal investigators, best-selling authors, hackers, and more.

Hard-hitting, actionable talks from global experts on all things social engineering, including behavior, security awareness, pentesting, red teaming, business acumen, communication, and more!

World-Class, Interactive Learning & Professional Networking

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