SEVillage, LLC

SEVillage, LLC was built on the foundation security researcher, author, and professional human hacker Christopher Hadnagy laid more than a decade ago with the educational resource and the cybersecurity service Social-Engineer, LLC to establish and formalize social engineering. After years of educating alongside cybersecurity’s largest events, SEVillage was excited to host its inaugural training conference, The Human Hacking Conference in 2020.

Social-Engineer, LLC

Since 2008, Social‐Engineer, LLC has pioneered the recognition, comprehension, and progression of social engineering as a professional practice. With over 75 years of combined expertise in security and program management, they’ve worked alongside the world’s leading behaviorists and psychologists to develop, deliver, and manage scientifically-grounded frameworks, methodologies, processes, and principles for the success of their clients.

Complex, international enterprises with more than 280,000 employees trust Social‐Engineer, LLC’s consulting, services, and training to help them meet security goals. With clients among the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 10 lists, Social‐Engineer, LLC has worked in countless capacities with both private and government entities across the globe.

Social‐Engineer, LLC’s unparalleled understanding of social engineering risks, the mindset of end users, and how to identify, resist, and defeat modern threats distinguishes Social-Engineer, LLC and the quality of work they present. provides free resources and education about social engineering. In 2009, they created the world’s first Social Engineering Framework and in 2018, they developed the Social Engineering Code of Ethics, which is now being used by private and government entities worldwide.