Company Statement

SEVILLAGE, LLC is excited to have one of the first in-person event in our industry in 2021. While we are excited to see everyone’s faces, we want assure you that we are committed to creating a safe environment where attendees can relax and learn. We are working with our venue to ensure that our conference will meet the health and safety  guidelines put in place by the CDC and our local tourism board. Our efforts include daily temperature checks of attendees and staff, socially distanced seating, regular disinfection of touch-points and conference rooms, and hand sanitizer stations in every conference room!

Please continue to check back here for updates, as CDC  guidelines continue to evolve and we change our efforts accordingly in order to keep our safe attendees safe will.

Below are resources that explain how the Orlando tourism industry, local airports, and our venue are working to keep our visitors safe.

Covid-19 Resources