Brittney M. Caldwell (1pm-3pm)


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Brittney M. Caldwell’s “Acting like a Human: The Guide to Hacking Humans with Ease”¬†Workshop uses the same techniques that make actors look natural and easy on stage to make you feel natural and easy in real life. You’ll learn how to quiet your own discomfort in order to engage targets with ease, spark conversation, and build rapport naturally. Through the use of exercises, both structured and unstructured, you’ll explore the basic skills of conversational acting. You’ll leave with a repertoire of relaxation and warm-up exercises, physical self-awareness, character development tools, and goal-based strategy from which to build upon for the use of engaging targets. Execution of the basic acting skills will be demonstrated in the form of in-class performances of monologues and in scene work as well as group activities. Upon completion of the workshop, you will:

  • Have a greater awareness of themselves in various aspects such as physically, vocally, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Have a strategy to keep themselves calm and on-task while engaging.
  • Learn how character development is the building block to natural conversation.
  • Have simple ways to prepare in order to feel confident in engagements.