Track 2: Stephanie Paul (10am-12pm) & Amanda Berlin (3:30pm-5:30pm)


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Stephanie Paul’s “Caution: Using Influential Communication, Seduces Profound Connection” Workshop is a highly entertaining, fun, and interactive training that teaches dynamic, simple tools to help effectively navigate communication with creatively-driven science. Through a series of studies, Stephanie succinctly explains why her tricks of the entertainment trade, games, and preparation tools work in the real world and why they are so effective. Stephanie empowers her audiences and encourages them to be innovative, disrupt their thinking, and shape engaging messages consciously for maximum-effect inspiring motivation. This style of training ultimately propels confidence to share and discover consciously for deeper and stronger levels of connection and collaborative communication within teams and leadership.

Amanda Berlin’s Workshop, ”Mental Health for Security Professionals” will discuss issues information security professionals may struggle with mentally as human beings, and more specifically, as people in information security and other technical roles. This Workshop will include group exercises and content from the Mental Health First Aid program. Upon conclusion of this Workshop, you should be able to walk away with a better understanding of mental health issues and how to help yourself and those around you.