Track 2: Dov Baron (10am-12pm) & R. Paul Wilson (1pm-3pm)


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Part 1) 10:00am-12:00pm – Dov Baron

Dov Baron’s “How to Thrive in the AI Age! Leadership Skills in the Year 2030” Workshop will explore the question, “How can I guarantee that I won’t be part of the 40% who is replaced or made irrelevant by automation in the next 15 years?” In this hands-on Workshop, you’ll learn practical and effective leadership skills and strategies to ensure you don’t just survive, but thrive, in the AI age.

• Tap into the two driving forces of all human beings
• Decide what to specialize in to thrive in the age of AI
• Learn and practice the skills of cognitive agility
• Discover how to bond with anyone instantly
• Grow the new bottom line of success
• Understand the 3 key ways to differentiate yourself in the AI age

Part 2) 1:00pm-3:00pm – R Paul Wilson

R Paul Wilson’s “Dark Side of the Hand” Workshop will explore expert deception using pure skill and sleight of hand, including:

  • How gambling games are beaten using feats of dexterity; how to palm anything; the art of the deal; switching techniques; mental manipulation; magical concealment.
  • How magicians, advantage players and expert cheaters think and solve problems.

***Attendees should bring with them each: a deck of cards, five small objects, and four dice. Additionally, attendees should do research on cheating methods, magic tricks, and con games to prime them for this Workshop.***