Wayne Ronaldson is an experienced tester, having conducted security assessments for a range of leading organizations. He has expertise in red teaming assessments, physical, digital and social, and has presented to several organizations and government departments on the current and future state of the cybersecurity landscape. Ronaldson has also presented at DerbyCon, DEF CON and RSA.

Session 1:
Active Measures
Based on a real-world scenario, I will present a live simulated attack that will take you on a fascinating journey from the hacker’s perspective. In this presentation, you will see a standard social engineering phishing attack that morphs into a full nation-state style attack. We will demonstrate how vulnerable an organization can be, how deep an attack can go and how damaging it can be for an unprepared business.

Session 2:
Enemy of the State
A Foreign Intelligence Simulation is a simulated targeted attack against an entire organization, leveraging the end to end phase of the nation-state attack life cycle digital, social, physical and supply chain. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate a sophisticated adversary seeking to target business intelligence using layered attack vectors to explain the impact a real-world attack would have on the target through a controlled set of operations.