Training from leading experts including behaviorists, former FBI agents, actresses, magicians, mind readers, TEDx speakers, criminal investigators, best-selling authors, hackers, and more.

Christopher J. Hadnagy

Human Hacker

Christopher J. Hadnagy is a security consultant, author, speaker, and professional social engineer. He is the Founder and CEO of Social‐Engineer, LLC, a consulting and training company specializing in social engineering (SE).

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Ian Rowland

Foremost Expert on Cold Reading, AKA The Mind Man

Ian, known famously as "The Mind Man," helps people and companies to be more successful by teaching amazing, transformative mind skills that deliver practical benefits in life and in business. He's the first and only person from outside the USA ever hired by the FBI, who asked him to teach cold reading and related communication skills to their field operatives.

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Joe Navarro

Body Language Expert & FMR Spy-Catcher

For 25 years, Joe served as an FBI special agent specializing in behavioral assessment which he used successfully to catch spies. Since retiring, he has authored 13 books dealing with human behavior. Joe lectures worldwide to Fortune 500 companies on utilizing nonverbal intelligence.

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Mark Bowden

Expert In Body Language, Human Behavior, And Communication

Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior and body language, and is the creator of TRUTHPLANE®, a communication training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact to an audience.

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Robin Dreeke

FMR Chief, FBI Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program

Robin is the CEO of People Formula and Behavioral Analysis Expert, and a best-selling author, professional speaker, trainer, facilitator. He is the former FBI Special Agent and Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program.

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R. Paul Wilson

Elite Con Artist, Magician, Filmmaker

R Paul Wilson has executed more con games than anyone in history and is the foremost expert in cons and scams. Thanks to his experience over eleven seasons of The Real Hustle, he knows how con artists think and act when manipulating their victims.

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Stephanie Paul

International Actress & Executive Coach

Stephanie takes great pride in internationally coaching executives, sales teams, TEDx speakers, women in leadership, and experts of all kinds to become master communicators. Her proven approach, ''Powerful Emotional Engaging Presentations,'' draws upon her 29 years of rich and diverse entertainment experience.

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Dov Baron

'Inc. Magazine' Top Influence & Leadership Guru

Dov has been speaking internationally for more than 30 years on the evolving world of NextGen leadership. He is twice-cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers, a Top 100 Motivational Speaker, and a Top 30 Global Leadership Guru. He is a bestselling author of several books, host of the #1 podcast for Fortune 500 listeners globally, and host of a national TV show.

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Brittney M. Caldwell

Actress & Master Deceptionist

Brittney M. Caldwell, owner of The Vacation Theatre Group, is a freelance actor, playwright, director from San Diego, CA. Brittney has a Masters in Acting and has over 15 years of performance experience. She has been a student of the Advance Practical Social Engineering course and the director of the Master Level Social Engineering course for the past 4 years.

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Chase Hughes

CEO of Applied Behavior Research

Chase Hughes is the CEO of Applied Behavior Research. After 20 years in the US Military, Chase is a leading expert in behavior profiling, influence, and interrogation.

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Vinny Troia

Founder At Night Lion Security

Vinny Troia has been hacking his way around systems since he was 9 years old, back when 2400 baud modems and were considered cutting-edge technology. Troia has since refined his underground IT skills to include a breadth of knowledge that spans his expertise across security, management, development, and administration of inter-connected systems.

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