Brittney M. Caldwell, owner of The Vacation Theatre Group, is a freelance actor, playwright, director from San Diego, CA. Brittney has a Masters in Acting and has over 15 years of performance experience. She has been a student of the Advance Practical Social Engineering course and the director of the Master Level Social Engineering course for the past 4 years. Her teaching background includes acting and oral interpretation of literature. Brittney believes in the power of performance as a teaching tool. Her work focuses on using performance tools to help facilitate specialized training for companies and individuals to improve their presentation skills within non-performative industries.

Exceptional Behaviors for Exceptional Results
Your successes and failures and life are the compound effect of a series of behaviors, many of which you may not be aware. Non- verbal behaviors tell your story long before you ever say a word. After studying some of the most successful people in the world, actors, there is clear correlation to success, behavior, and some tools taught in acting school. In this class we will explore non-verbal behaviors and the perceptions ignited by these behaviors. Students will leave this class with a set of tools to shift the non-verbal behaviors creating mediocrity in their world, to Exceptional Behaviors for Exceptional Results.

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