Chase Hughes is the CEO of Applied Behavior Research. After 20 years in the US Military, Chase is a leading expert in behavior profiling, influence, and interrogation. He teaches the most elite government and business teams in the world, and is the author of the #1 bestselling book on persuasion, people-reading, and influence, The Ellipsis Manual.


WorkshopHuman Tradecraft™

  1. Intro to human behavior skills – why they matter – introduction to the six elements of pure influence
  2. The 14 most effective things to look for when reading body language
  3. How to hear between the lines – in less than six minutes, identify insecurities, fears, and precise social needs
  4. Four persuasion techniques to instantly change a person’s behavior (for real)
  5. The basics of human obedience – how it can be manufactured

Take Aways:
You will walk out the door with a new understanding of human behavior and a set of skills:

  1. You will be able to read behavior more accurately
  2. Detection of deception skills
  3. Questioning techniques
  4. Persuasion examples you can use immediately
  5. A very personal quiz (taken in the training) that reveals every personal trait of yours that is holding you back from greater influence.
Watch Chase's Teaser Training Video