Ian, known famously as “The Mind Man,” helps people and companies to be more successful by teaching amazing, transformative mind skills that deliver practical benefits in life and in business. He’s the first and only person from outside the USA ever hired by the FBI, who asked him to teach cold reading and related communication skills to their field operatives. Other clients to date include Google, Coca-Cola, and the British Olympics Team. Ian authored several books on applied communication and psychology, The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading, How To Work For Yourself And Win, Persuasion Games (for Gilan Gork), No Worries (for Gary Turner), The POWA Principle (for James Brown) and The Prove-It Guy (for Liam O’Neill).

Workshop: How To Make Minds Go Wrong

This talk is about a war. Your senses are very sophisticated and your brain is an immensely powerful pattern-seeking, problem-solving machine. You use both to make all the decisions, every day, about how the world works and how you can survive and thrive. What magicians and mindreaders have been studying, for at least 3000 years, is how to make all this human software and hardware go haywire and come to the wrong conclusion. This ability can be used for good or ill. Want to find out more? Sign up for two hours that will change your life. Miracles included.

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