Maxie Reynolds is a Physical Pentester and Social Engineer who works for Social-Engineer, LLC to help keep companies safer. She has worked as a Physical Pentester and Social Engineer for banks, transport agencies, and other industries, too, in a bid to heighten their security and keep company employees and assets safe.

Maxie is a certified Ethical Hacker, Digital Forensic Investigator, and Social Engineer with a background in Oil and Gas. She holds a degree in Computer Science (HONS), a degree in Underwater Robotics, is qualified in Quantum Computing.


Workshop: SE Pentest Track

This three-day track takes you through the process of conducting 3 of the main aspects of a remote SE Pentest; OSINT, Vishing, and Phishing. Due to the nature of what we are doing during this class, there is very limited seating and this class is capped off at 25 people. Each day builds on the next so it is required to attend all three days, and is not offered a la carte.

Day 3:  Phishing

Considered the most used and deadliest vector for all social engineering attacks, it is critical you understand all aspects of phishing. Learn from Christopher Hadnagy and Maxie Reynolds, who have sent thousands of phishing emails in their careers.

What you will learn:

  • What is phishing?
  • The psychology of phishing
  • How to set up a corporate phishing program
  • Using all the data from days 1 and 2 you will develop 4 levels of a single phish against your target

At the end of this course, those who graduate will be given a certificate of passing if they can accomplish all 3 days of work while remaining within the boundaries and the rules of the class.

Maxie Reynolds