Nick is the Managing Director of CSITech and author of “Investigating Cryptocurrencies,” the only book in the world to teach cryptocurrency crime investigating techniques. For the past 25 years, Nick has provided cyber security and digital forensics consultancy for companies and law enforcement institutions in the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia, and has lectured on the subject to numerous organizations. Nick is currently working with and training Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Corporate personnel throughout the world in various forms of digital forensic investigations. His specialties include advanced open source intelligence gathering techniques, Cryptocurrency crime, and RAM analysis.

Nick Furneaux’s ”Can You Find the Toothbrush?” Workshop will challenge you, the OSINT investigator, to look ”beyond the obvious” to see intelligence that can easily be missed when researching online. By suppressing visual bias and ignoring what we expect to find, we can locate and infer evidence that is missed by many researchers. This Workshop will provide practical methods that we can use to see the data behind the data.

(LIMITED Capacity: 25)

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