Shelby Dacko is a Professional Social Engineer with Social‐Engineer, LLC. She defines social engineering as the act of using what you know about human behaviors to bring about your desired outcome. She feels it can be beneficial when used to better communicate with people, as well as in security training. Her specialties include vishing, OSINT work, and educational material production. She enjoys public speaking and teaching.

Shelby volunteers for the Innocent Lives Foundation. She has her bachelor’s degree in TESOL and is a trained ASL Interpreter. 

Shelby’s most recent panel was at DerbyCon: Finish Line, entitled “Vishing: Real Vs. Competition, what’s the difference?”, where she spoke alongside Alethe Denis, Whitney Maxwell, Chris Silvers, and Colin Hadnagy.


This three day track takes you through the process of conducting 3 of the main aspects of a remote SE Pentest. Due to the nature of what we are doing during this class there is very limited seating and this class is capped off at 25 people. Each day builds on the next so it is required to attend all three days, and is not a la carte.

Day 2:    Vishing

Phone elicitation is one of the most fear inducing but important parts of being a social engineer.  Our expert team of vishers will walk you through the process from start to finish.

You will learn:

  • What is vishing?
  • The psychology of vishing
  • Developing a flags list
  • Developing a pretext
  • You will get hands on experience vishing
  • All will culminate with information you need for day 3

At the end of this course those who graduate will be given a certificate of passing if they can accomplish all 3 days of work while remaining within the boundaries and the rules of the class.